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What I do

Aspiring Author

I love books! I love reading them and, when I was younger, I also dreamed of writing them. That dream never left me. I’ve studied the craft, been critiqued repeatedly, and continued writing. Finally, I’ve gained the courage to submit my book to agencies. I’m now in a waiting game to find out if there are any bites. But in the meantime, why not start another story.

Homeschooling Mother

My husband and I have five beautiful, energetic, and destructive children. Wait, did I say that correctly? Truly they are a Blessing from God. Most days are hard, but there are moments I feel like I’m doing something right. Although homeschooling can be fun yet frustrating at the same time, I know that this is the correct path for our family. We love having fun book parties, collecting walls of books and curriculums, attending fun field trips, and participating in our co-op. I also have a passion for science and love sharing it while teaching once a week to a group of homeschoolers.

Animal Rescuer

Can I give myself that title? My family works with a rescue once a year and fosters adorable little squirrels. My kids get the chance to each name a squirrel whatever they so choose since, in the end, we release them. The most recent batch of squirrels, one child named their's Rabies. Interesting fact, squirrels don’t carry rabies, but my son wanted his to be dangerous. Next up, we hope to foster possums.

My Work

Who I am

Author, Homeschooling Mother, Catholic Christian

Our life is centered around God. I’m not perfect, neither is my family, but we are always attempting to evaluate and reevaluate how we can approach situations in the manner Christ would want us to.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing hard-working husband and five children. We also have three dogs, a Flemish Giant Rabbit, and a snake. Besides that, I love books, writing books, animals, hiking, and the color green.

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My work

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